Wednesday, September 3, 2014

X E's Hanging Garden

Earlier the school announced class ten and twelve students to work on a project within the school for SUPW grades. My class, X E, has chosen to build what they call 'The hanging garden'. Unlike the Hanging Gardens of Babylon where plants were not hung but grown on concrete structures, X E students really want to hang their garden.

Enthusiastic about their project, they started planning on the site and the paraphernalia. They decided the small area just below the parking lot in front of the school gate as its site. They agreed to collect some money to buy the materials required. I discouraged them from collecting money but they insisted that for SUPW grades they would do anything. They ordered a cuboid metal frame 15x7x10ft from the bordering town of new Chamarchi. However, owing to its big size reaching it to the school was a problem. It didn't fit even in the DCM truck I arranged for them. Therefore, they decided to carry it from checkpoint to the school.

From the border gate to school gate
Placing the metal frame at the site 
Painting it to prevent from rusting
Smudged with paint 
It's been few weeks since they started to work and thus far everything has worked out well. When everybody would go home they would stay back and work on it. While some would be engaged in scrubbing off rust from the metal frame others would be engaged in leveling the ground where the frame will be fixed. More recently they have painted the frame to prevent from rusting and they are now waiting for it to dry. In the mean while they are planning on the type of flowers to be hung.

Over the past few weeks, as they worked on it, I have observed them working with the qualities we expect of students. The project has brought them to work closely as a team. It shows how common goals can bring people together.