Tuesday, February 11, 2014

School Campus Tour For My Daughter

Reopening day for schools is just around the corner. My second daughter has won admission to school. But I am worried that she may not like to go to school because most children fear school on the first day. And if she fears school on the first day she may develop negative attitude towards school which could hamper her interest in learning. I have already written about children's fear for school on the first day of school in my earlier post Children fear school on teh first day of school. And I have stated that one of the reasons why students fear school is because they don't know the school. I have also suggested that one of the ways to reduce fear is by taking children to the school campus and making them familiar with the school campus.

So, I decided to take my daughter for a school campus tour today and it was also her astrological good day. My wife dressed her in the school uniform, took her to the alter to pray for blessings from the God of Wisdom. Then we were all ready. I told her that we would be going to explore her beautiful school. She was quite excited. I hope this experience will help her like her school.

Off we go.
Bye Azhim and Mom
She is at the school gate
She looks through 
She heads for a classroom
But she finds it locked
She peeps through a window and observes the classroom 
"Now what, Apa?"

Next I took her to the play field, water tap, toilet, Principal's office. But my camera battery was exhausted and I couldn't take shots of her going around to these places. She excitedly ran to see these places and I had to run after her. In between I took a chance to ask her "How do you like your school?" She didn't pay heed to my question. She rather kept running on the assembly ground. 

As we head home I asked her again "How do you like your school?"

"I like it Apa"  


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