Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Children fear school on the first day

Every year, children who attain school-going age of six win admissions to various schools in the country. These young children are about to start on a very important journey i.e. Education. It’s important that their journey begin on a pleasant note. If they start happy, they are likely to be happy throughout the journey.

This reminds us of the importance of creating a welcoming school atmosphere for children on their first day at school. Children's first day experience can have profound and long lasting effect on their interest and attitude towards school and learning in school.  

However, in Bhutan, it is not surprising to see most children crying with fear and anxiety on the first day of school. When assembly bell rings they don't want to part from their parents and refuse to stand in assembly lines. Parents coax them only to make them cry. While teachers call aloud at them in intimidating voices making children all the more anxious and frantic. It only indicates that children rather experience an ordeal in the school.

Ideally schools should be enjoyable places. School environment to a large extend depends on social factors like peers, principal and teachers. It is important that all these social factors show caring and loving attitude to each other and establish a harmonious social climate in the school. Perhaps most schools in Bhutan have long established themselves as places of fear for children. 

The consequences of children's on-edge behavior due to fear could be manifold. Children are more likely to become depressed. They may have serious problems paying attention in school which could eventually affect their scholastic achievement and social relations. And jittery students often have an additional worry to deal with. Not only are they nervous about going back to school but they would be anxious about being anxious once they get there. This indactes how anxiety about one thing can generate anxiety about another.

These children who are just six or barely six are delicate and tender minds. They need to be dealt with love, care and affection. They should be given to feel at-home. It is important for teachers, principals and students to extend warm soldiers to the new comer children.


dumcho wangdi said...

Nice post after an extremely long gap. Made me to remind those old days of mine.
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great work tshewang!

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