Thursday, August 22, 2013

Samtse's Sunday Market Is Seeing Change

Sunday market, an open air market, in Samtse, is seeing change. Over the past few years the number of Bhutanese farmers selling vegetables in the market has been increasing. They are mostly from Tendu, Sipsoo, Ghumauney, Sauraney, Sukrutey, Dorokha and Mechetar. They sell homegrown vegetables, fruits, wild vegetables, poultry and dairy products. And the good thing about their farm produce is that they are organic and fresh.

In the past all that people of Samtse could buy were inorganic vegetables sold by Indian vendors. But, now with the number of Bhutanese farmers burgeoning, the Sunday market now offers people more variety of vegetables to choose from. People can often surprise their stomachs with organic vegetables and fruits.

Initially there were just a handful of them and they would appear innocent and timid among confident and seasoned Indian vendors. Gradually the number grew and today, their number is almost equal to the number of Indian vendors. They are now more confident vendors. The small ground in the center of the pea-size town is half filled with Indian vendors and half with Bhutanese farmers. 

On Sunday, shoppers first thronging around local vegetable vendors. The vegetables are sold like hot cakes. It doesn't take long to finish selling them. By afternoon they would be finished. The crowd concentration then shifts to the Indian vendors. 

With the money they get from selling their produces, the farmers take home oil, salt, rice, slippers, shoes, books, pencils, umbrellas, etc. While for some it is simply business. These farmers are helping our money from flowing out.


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