Thursday, December 6, 2012

My younger daughter turned 4

My younger daughter (Sonam Choki Dema) turned four today. Few days back she insisted me on arranging a celebration on her birthday. I had to scratch my head but I couldn't turn down her plea. Kids get excited of birthday parties. They enjoy eating cake, sweets, singing birthday song and dancing. So my wife and I promised her a  simple one. We planned to invite her neighboring friends and make the night for her. But we felt sorry for not being able to afford her a grand one. 

Wishes and Messages: Apa, Mummy and Sister wish you a very happy birthday. May God bless you. You have come to us as a special gift. We love you so much.
There is special message from your sister. She requests you not to pull her hair when two of you fall out. She says she is no-match for your deft hands. She wants you to try something other than pulling  her hair. 

But Apa and Mummy want two of you to be best siblings. No fights. Don't yank anything from each other but share. We want two of you to love, care each other and stay safe.


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