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The Novice Pen Welcomes you. 

I am a Bhutanese science teacher hailing from Mongar, one of the eastern districts in Bhutan. I graduated with bachelors degree of Education in 2006 from Samtse College of Education (SCE), one of the premier education institutes in Bhutan. I officially joined teaching career in 2007. My first placement was Samtse district and I worked there for four years. Over these four years I got opportunity to work in all levels of school ranging from Primary school to higher Secondary school.

In the first year I worked in the 
erstwhile Mechetar Comm. Primary School, now renamed as Khanduthang community primary school. The next year in Samtse Lower Secondary School and in the third and fourth year in Samtse Higher Secondary School. Working in different schools gave me opportunity to experience teaching students of different ages; ranging from as young as six years to as old as 24 yeas old. In the fifth year I was awarded a scholarship to Rangsit University, Thailand to pursue higher studies. I graduated from there in October 2012.

My current professional endeavor is bringing change in teaching trend in Bhutan from teacher-fronted, non-interactive teaching to child-centered interactive teaching. To this end, I practice interactive teaching techniques in teaching science in my school and share ideas with my colleagues. I also do research on this subject. I am an advocate of interactive teaching.

Many people say that I am a reserved man and I am not an outspoken person. That’s true and that is the way I am. I am a quite person. I am also a bit shy and timid. When people point at me I blush in nervousness. People also say that I am a bit serious looking guy. That's the look God has given me. But talk to me you will not find me somber but gentle and humorous.

I am a family-man. I enjoy spending a lot of time with my family. When I am not with my family I play sports with friends. I am fairly good at some of them like volleyball, table tennis, football, basketball, tennis and chess. I also love watching TV.

I am not a good blogger but just a learner. Read more about how bad a blogger I am in the next  page 'About blog


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