Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Lone Litchi Tree In The School Speaks

I was happy and proud
Because I had my family around.
We were peaceful before
But in the year 2004
A group of men came
In their mind they had a game-
To clear us all
And it was unusual.
Why should they clear us?
Because God sent us
To be happy and free.
And I cried at them ’let be be’.
But insane men brought us down
One by one.
They were ruthless
But I was all helpless
The first to be felled was my father
Then my sisters, brothers and my mother.
When all my family was cleared
I don’t know! I was spared.
And the reasons behind
I still don’t’ understand.
I wish I was gone
Than leaving me alone.
Men are cruel
As though we have no soul,
As though we have no heart,
They pulled us apart.
Today I stand alone
And forlorn
Amidst buildings
And with men always
Sometimes my heart looks for vengeance
But I hear my father’s advice
‘Love thy enemy’
And my heart just melts.
Living with men
I have learnt so much about them
Men always want
And we always give.
They want shade and we give
They want fruits and we give
They want fresh air and we give
But what’s that to us that men give?
Stones, sticks and knives
Yet we always forgive

To be continued.............. 


Norbu Wangdi said...

Great read sir.

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