Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Farewell Madam Jigme Lhamo

When the 2011 academic year began, there was news that a new teacher who was transferred from Zhemgang Higher Secondary School would soon be joining our school. In the past Samtse Higher Secondary School had received many new teachers. But when it was Madam Jigme Lhamo things were a little different. Madam's legacy traveled fast and reached the school even before madam joined the school. We heard of Madam JIgme being an excellent teacher and we were all relishing the prospect of having Madam Jigme in our school. Much to the delight of everybody in the school, Madam Jigme joined the School on February 2011.

Ever since Madam Jigme became a part of the teaching fraternity of the school there was a different vibe in the staff working culture. There was an aura of warmth and a sense of motherhood about her which added a new atmosphere in the staff room. Madam would facilitate collaborative work environment and team spirit among teachers. No wonder madam Jigme had positive attitude and outlook towards her profession. She would place students first in anything she does and would work tooth and nail to provide best education to students. Her profound knowledge in Biology and Chemistry compounded with excellent pedagogical flair made her one of the finest and revered teachers in the school.

Madam Jigme giving a speech during the farewell dinner 
But this year the news of madam's decision to leave the school surprised us all. Madam Jigme's transfer will definitely create a void in the teaching fraternity of the school. We will be loosing a seasoned, respected and a teacher who is no less than a mother.

In the send-off dinner organized for Madam Jigme by the school, the Principal said 'We would like to have madam in the school but there is nothing much we could do to retain madam.' Addressing the staff that night Madam Jigme said 'Wherever we (referring to teachers) go we have just one role to play-to educate students. Even if I leave Samtse HSS, I will be joining a new school and will continue to educate students. For us teachers, place really doesn't matter. And my departure from the school wouldn't make any difference because we have many competnent and enterprising teachers in the school. I am sure in the hands of these capable teachers the school will only get better' We offered her so many earnest compliments but she wouldn't take any of them. She modestly said 'If I have done anything good to the school, it is not my effort alone. It is the concerted effort of all the teachers'

We wish madam fulfilling years ahead. Your excellent mind, fine work ethic, and your integrity will serve you well throughout your life. We will sorely miss you.

Farewell Madam.


sancha rai said...

Well said sir....

Rinzin Wangdi said...

Its the way of life to depart but we feel anguish when the motivated and derly ones depart. Sir, you have best compliment for madam by writing so...

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