Friday, August 8, 2014

Girls Continue To Outperform Boys

Girls domination
Last year I made a very casual post about how girls outnumbered boys in the toppers list in my school in the annual exam. I thought it would just be a temporary trend and that some day boys would outnumber girls. But the number of girls topper is ever increasing. This year's mid term examination toppers list had 42 girl toppers and only 21 boy toppers. The number of girls is greater by twofold. This indicates the prevalence of academic gender gap in my school, something that the school should consider.

Researches carried out in other countries show that there are several factors affecting academic gender gap.
  • Motivation
  • Study skills
  • Time management
  • Attitude
  • Self esteem
  • School contentedness
  • Cultural factors
  • Parental education
  • Socioeconomic status of parents
  • And many more
But what could have caused the academic gap between boys and girls in my school? 


Sangay Phuntsho said...

I have seen girls outnumbering the toppers lists for 10th and below standards, for higher and college levels, it is boys who does better. This is evident from no. of boys qualifying to higher or college levels.

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