Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Liebster Blog Award

A fellow teacher and a friend Dumcho Wangdi (@ Dumcho's Notebook) has graciously nominated me for Liebster Award. It is an honor to be nominated. It's a wonderful feeling and gives me so much motivation. At the same time I am both humbled and truly grateful. Though my blog is relatively unknown someone thinks it might be worth reading. Thank you so much Dumcho Wangdi.

Let me say a few words about Damcho Wangdi.  Damcho is an active blogger. His passion for blogging comes from his passion for writing. This is evident from his profile description which says "A teacher who likes writing, a friend who likes expanding social circles, a boy who admires working on his dreams..." His posts are a mix of poems, opinions, experience, anecdotes, etc, all of which are very interesting. He is articulate and creative. There is every reason why people should visit his blog. I am glad that his joining the blogging community increases the number of teacher bloggers. Currently he is pursuing masters degree in Mahidol University, Thailand. I wish him all the best with blogging and his course.

He has asked me to answer the following three questions.

a) Write three things that you love being a blogger.
1. Although few and mostly ramblings, I love the satisfaction that each published post gives me.
2. I love the feeling of joy when someone comments on my posts.
3, On the thought of being able to put my thoughts into words.

b) Share 2 reasons why readers should read your posts
I don't know if there is anything worthy in mt blog to attract readers.
1. Readers should read my posts to see how an amateur is faring
2. Readers should read my posts to see if  'The Novice Pen' is heading right.
No big reasons.

c) Tell 1 thing that you always want to add into your blog.
I want to add a post on 'If our education system was....'

Initially I had little knowledge on Liebster award. But after reading about it on Google I knew that it is a great way to introduce a relatively unknown blog to the blogging community. It also helps to increase readership. I also knew that the nomination for the award must be continued from one to another like a chain. So, I nominate the following bloggers:

It is also customary that nominees answer a set of 11 questions. Here are the questions for my nominees:

1. Why did you start blogging?
2.Write one reason why you like teaching profession.
3. Tell one thing that you wish to change in the Bhutanese education system?
4. How do you relate the benefits of blogging to teaching?
5. Do you encourage your students to blog?
6. Your favorite movie.
7. Where is your favorite place in Bhutan?
8. Name one thing you cannot live without.
9. Describe yourself in one word.
10. Your favorite sport.  
11. Ngaja or Suja?


dumcho wangdi said...

Dear Mr. Tshewang,
I have never realized that I would earn all the adjectives available in the English dictionary to describe me. Besides, I am also honored to see that my raw immature blog is being marketed with lavish spices of vocabularies to capture the appetite of curious.
Thank you a lot. I mean it.

Karma Wangmo said...

Dumcho sir I just wonder how those words which sounds funny but gives a powerful thought comes to your mind and is able to pour out in form of writing. I wish I could but I understand the individual differences...but your words simply sounds as jolly as you are. Keep writing. Well Tshewang sir, thank you for the nomination which actually I guess I don't deserve firstly because of not being as active as the bloggers are and secondly due to my simplicity to write on things which actually may sound meaning less for others but your nomination I appreciate it as a motivation to keep myself from writing. Well I shall answers the question put forwarded but just give me little time to answer. Thank You!

dumcho wangdi said...

I am not certain whether I have a potency to interpret and convert my feelings into words. But, letting me know that I could let others know as you wrote is verbal seed of encouragement. Thank you. Mr. Tshewang has not committed a mistake in nominating you. You have your intelligence and capacity in your own way. Keep writing.

Karma Wangmo said...

Tshewang sir...I have made an attempt to answer the questions that you have put on me. Hope I did justice to the nomination of Liebester award. Thank You and sorry for the delay.

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