Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Moment With Rinchen Doya

Like in other Dzongkhags, Samtse Dzonkhga celebrated His Majesty's Birthday in high spirits. The day had Honorable Dasho Dzongda as the chief guest. Hundreds of students from various school gathered to pay tribute to  His Majesty. 

A highlight of the day was an award ceremony to two youths for their remarkable achievements.  
1. Mr. Mani Kumar Chhetri, a tenth grader from Pejorlinng Higer Secondary school who secured third in the all Bhutan BCSE examinations. 2. Mr. Rinchen Doya, the winner of the Talent Hunt 2012-2013. No sooner did they receive the awards than I ran to catch a moment with them. But I could only meet Rinchen Doya. Mani Kumar was no where to be found. I congratulated Rinchen. I asked him many questions but he was shy and timid and couldn't hear a word. I was so happy to meet this humble singing icon that I couldn't help from reaching my wallet. I gave him a little amount. Rinchen looked shy as ever to accept it. So, I shoved it into his pocket. Just as I was beginning to enjoy being with Rinchen, the MC announced Rinchen to report to the announcement center to enthrall the crowd with his ever melodious voice. He left saying 'Kadrin Chela' 'Ya ya Pecha leg shom bay lhab mey' I said in that fleeting moment.         

(Mobile upload, sorry for the bad video)

In the meantime I was looking for Mani Kumar. But he still wasn't to be found anywhere. 


Sonam Tenzin said...

They really are talented kids. To have a photo with such children itself is a pride. Liked the picture, Tshewang. :-)

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