Friday, December 20, 2013

Academic Toppers: Girls outnumber boys

2103 was a fruitful year for Samtse HSS. The school saw many important events. Some highlights of the year include, the introduction of an hour long evening study (also referred to as remedial classes) for class ten and twelve, teachers day, classroom decoration and organization competition, wall magazine competition, games and sports (inter-house, inter-class, Dzongkhag level, regional level tournaments), the arrival of school bus which was real boon for students who travel 10 kms to reach school, the initialization of the work for the school's maiden magazine, earthquake safety drill and teacher recognition award.     

The last but the most important event of the year was the results declaration day on 18th December. The day had Dasho Dzongrab as the chief guest. Addressing to an audience of students and parents, the Principal said 'if students succeed, it indicates the success of parents and teachers as well. And if students fail all three, parents, teachers and students must take the blame. It should spur regrets and soul searching mind' While the chief guest's address expressed concern over the vulnerability of youth involving in youth crime during winter holidays and emphasized the importance of parents' guidance.

Academic toppers: 3 boys, 12 girls
After the chief guest's address, the awards began. The academic toppers walk one after another to the chief guest to get the awards in great pride. And the parents gave long ovation. But what surprised us all on that day was that there were more girl toppers than boy toppers. We saw a series of girls receiving the awards. At one moment I was worried that there would not be a single boy topper. The announcer made a witty comment that if girls show dominance over boys like it did on that day, few years down the line we would find most men doing household duties like kitchen work and woman taking the role of men as the sole family bread earner' However, much later, to our relief a boy appeared and he was followed by two more and that made just three boys out of fifteen.

The emergence of more girls academic toppers and less boy toppers in the school prompted many questions in my mind. In Bhutan there is social bias against women, in that woman are deemed as people who cannot take up roles that man do.  Are girls trying to close the gap between men and women? Is this an emergence of a  new trend?


Texx TD said...

Nicely articulated sir

Tshewang Dorji said...

It only means that girls in Bhutan are empowered and are on the right place!..
Nice post!

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