Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Roger Federer: My favorite sportsman back to no.1.

Roger Federer
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Roger Federer, the Swiss tennis master is my favorite sportsman. When it is Federer match in the TV I leave everything aside to watch the match.  He became the number one player in the world in 2004. Since then he won one grand slam after another.Then he started chasing Pete Sampras’s record of 14 grand slam titles and in 2009 he leveled Sampras’s record after winning the French Open.
Reoger Federer holding Wimbledon trophy
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Of the many tournaments, I like him play in the Wimbledon, because it is the most prestigious and famous tennis tournament in the world. It is also Federer’s favorite tournament. He has won seven Wimbledon titles for which he is known as the ‘King of Grass’. With seven Wmbledon titles he joins Pete Sampras and Willam Renshaw.

He has been the number one player in the world for many years and won the hearts of millions in the world. But as every champion has a rival, the then second ranked player in the world Rafael Nadal proved to be a formidable competitor for Roger. Nadal has given Federer may hard matches in the finals of many tournaments some of which he even won.
Refael Nadal
When asked for how long he would rule the tennis world, Fererer said "I can't stay No. 1 for fifty years, you know. We'll see what happens. "  So in 2008 Nadal replaced Federer as the new no one player in the world after he won many grand slam finals against Federer. It was a heartbreaking news to all his fans across the world. Since then Federer couldn’t find his track and momentum back to get back to number one rank. However Nadal’s reign as the no one player did not last long. A rising star from Serbia Novak Djokovic took over Nadal as the new no one ranked player in the world and Federer went down to number three in the rankings.  For fans like me I felt awkward to imagine him as the third ranked player because I still believe that no other player rules the tennis world but Federer. However, Federer kept playing as the third ranked player in the world and we kept watching him play in the hope that he would rise again only to find him beaten by other players. For the last three years it was either Nadal or Djokovic wining most of the grand slam tournaments. Federer could just make up to the semis or he would sometimes be ousted in the former rounds. 
Novak Djokovic
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We thought he would never be able to win any more titles until recently when he won the Wimbledon 2012. Champions never give up. Champions are relentless. Champions always have undying hopes. Champions strive. With Wimbledon 2012, he has won a record 17 grand slam titles and to the delight of all his fans including me he claims back his throne as the number one player in the world. That’s the number we feel comfortable to imagine him. Not two or three.

Roger Federer: UNICEF goodwill ambassador
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Away from being a great champion, I came to know through news, press conferences and talk-shows that Roger is a wonderful person. He is kind, amicable and friendly. He is also a good husband and a good father. He is married to former Swiss professional tennis player Mrs. Mirka Vavrinec and today they have a twin daughter. The champion is also the UNICEF goodwill ambassador and he has visited many countries including India as the ambassador.