Monday, December 31, 2012

Monkeys on the way to Gangtok, Sikkim

If you travel along West Bengal-Sikkim highway don't forget to take an extra bag of breads, biscuits and bananas because there are many monkeys waiting along the roadside expecting something from the travelers  These monkeys are so used to staying by the roadside that they don't run away even if we shoo at them. Instead they give us expressions that clearly suggest that they want something from us. Their expectation only grows when humans get closer to them. 

They are lightening fast at dodging speedy tyres and sometimes driving is very difficult with so many of them running across the roads. Sometimes they would tease us by standing right in front of the road and running away when our vehicle gets close to them. 

One monkey was interesting. He was sitting alone. He might not have got anything to eat from anybody that day and he looked hungry and sluggish.

I pulled over and showed him a piece of orange. 

He saw it and stared for a while as though to assure that it really was an orange. 

He come over to my car. He never looked nervous. He took the orange from my hand.  And guess what he did to thank me. He showed me his-
I chuckled and pulled away before anybody in my car saw it.


Anonymous said...

haha. Nice post.

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