Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This is our Society

Here is a picture I found on facebook.

Image from facebook

The message in the cartoon is clear and it is true with our society. There are people who are always keen on looking at negative side of whatever others do. They have malicious intentions of pulling others down by throwing criticisms and  making them feel down.

Such people could be dangerous to the health of a society. Imagine everybody in a society pulling each other down. Progress, development, accomplishment, success and peace will be but slow or never. 

They could be just around us. They could be in our circle of friends, in our family, work place, neighbors, etc. Living in a society filled with such people has become difficult. The only thing we can do is, to learn to survive in it. If not, they will pass the bug on to us.   

As I scrolled down the same page on facebook, I found this piece:

Image from facebook

This image or rather a quotation is inspiring. If ever somebody tries to bring us down, it doesn't mean that we are bad, 'it only means that you are above them'. In the event of somebody attempting to make us feel low or throw us a malicious remark and trying to thwart our success, we must immediately be reminded of the quote and derive inspiration from it. It must be chanted like a mantra as and whenever we encounter with such people.


Sonam Dorji said...

good post. I absolutely agree with it. our society is catching in it like a snowballing effect.

Tshewang Rabgay said...

Thank you la Sonam. I always feel honored when you visit and comment on my posts la. Thank you once again.

Steve said...

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Alok Varma said...

Very True.

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