Thursday, June 28, 2012

On Wangdiphodrang Dzong Tragedy.

April 19, 1998, the nation was shocked at the news of Paro Taktshang fire accident. However, we had to swallow the bitter pill and pray that there be not another such accident on any other heritage in the country. But ten years later, on 23 January, the nation was taken aback yet again when Gasa Dzong was razed to the ground by another fire accident. It was yet another great loss to the nation.

                          Image courtesy:Facebook
Now the people of Bhutan had enough of fire accidents taking away century old heritages. And yet this year, on June 24, we lost Wangdiphodrang Dzong to yet another unstoppable inferno. The nation is losing its battle to keep these traditional heritages alive. We are continuing to lose some of the most precious and historic monuments that have come with time thus far withstanding the harshness of weather and blessing the nation and the people. 

With the loss of Wangdipodrang Dzong, it calls for urgent and extra measure to be in place. It is time that the nation and its people show utmost concern about the safety and protection of the existing monuments Perhaps a thorough examination should be done on the existing monuments to spot the vulnerable parts and caution people. The government may invest on establishing better facilities to fight fire than just having fire brigades. Perhaps we should have firefighting choppers and install modern fire alarms.


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