Monday, December 26, 2011

My daughter's drawings

My daughter went to school starting this year. She goes to Samtse lower secondary school. But sadly I couldn’t be with her to see her go to school and see her learn because I had to leave for studies abroad. When I came back on break she had already done her exams in PP.

I was surprised to see my daughter like never before. Schooling has brought considerable change in her interest and behavior. Before going to school she was most often a prankster and always going out to play with friends. But now most of the time she engages in meaningful activities like drawing, writing, calling aloud spellings, numbers, singing rhymes and words she had learnt in the class. And to a father when a small daughter has learnt so much it, leaves so much to pride upon and rejoice.

Her result is on 17th December and she has few days grace before the results. In the mean time, since she has no home-works or any new spellings, rhymes, words to learn, she keeps busy in drawing and writing whatever comes to her mind. She pulls any paper lying around and start working on it. Sometimes her drawing and writing words of description below the drawing goes rampant. Few days back she drew a banana on one of my office orders; a house on one of my reports; scribbled on my lesson plan book; doodled on my medical prescription and smudged half a ream of my clean A4 papers with crayons. Despite of having bought her many drawing books, for reasons I couldn’t understand, she persists in drawing on papers lying around.

Yesterday I and my wife were out for shopping. When we came back home, what my daughter had for us took us by surprise. Our showcase was completely covered with papers. There were 16 papers, most of them drawings, a collage and one used for practicing spelling. She had them ingeniously displayed on the showcase. She had tucked the upper part of the papers in the drawer and the remaining that bore the drawing was left exposed. We felt as though we have entered a poster exhibition hall. For a moment we didn’t believe that she did all the drawings.

What she did next was even more surprising. She ushered us to each drawing and she had her own story behind each drawing. Let me take you through to some of her works and how she described them.

This she said is copy of her doll Jo Jo. But she has added a second name and given the doll a new name as Jo Jo Karma.

This she said was practicing the spelling of my name. She said that once when her teacher asked her to write her father’s name she failed to spell correctly. So she needed to drill the spelling of my name.
This she said is our altar. You can see the butter lamps lit, the water offering kettle, a row of water offering cups. Actually there should be seven but she drew nine.

This she said is the stupa near her school. You can see 'darshing' and 'agay' written in Dzongkha.

This of course is me.
This is a collage of our Fourth King. You can see just below the picture 'My king, very beautiful'
These are the fruits she like.

After she finished showing us all the drawings, I mumbled to myself 'My daughter is learning'.


kinleywangchuk said...

wow...sir, seems ur daughter has caught up with the school activites very well. really enjoyed her works.

Tshewang Rabgay said...

Thank you Kinley

My world said...

your daughter sure knows how to express herself through her art. i liked the 5ht pic, its hilarious in a way.

rajkumar said...

Thanks for sharing good and well post. i like that post. I am also looking such as blog

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