Thursday, November 10, 2011

I am nervous

It’s been more than a week that I have been pondering for a topic for my first blog post but I could not find one. My mind's been racing. It picked a topic and started thinking on it but it soon found a drawback and shooed it off and started thinking on another. It disappointing because even a week after I created my blog page I have nothing to post. At one moment I got cold feet and nearly gave up on it. (What a shaky start. Isn’t it?) But I had a hunch that I should keep going. And it dawned on me this morning that I was actually quite nervous of starting blogging. So I felt ‘why not I candidly share the reasons that make me nervous? Why not I make a topic out of it for my first post? It will help clear my mind.’ So i decided on it and here I am with the first topic.

My hands are still shaking as I write the reasons. But I am collecting my composure and here they are the reasons.
1. Poor writing skills: I have never practiced writing before. As a school boy I never participated in any writing competitions, let alone winning. As my blog title– ‘The Novice Pen’ suggests, I am a novice writer. A writing tutorial says ‘Writing is no easy task. It needs gathering ideas, refining them, putting them in to logical sequence and good language,’ So, Would I be able to do all these? Would I be able to post articles worth reading?

2. Bad language skills: A bad writing skill means I have poor language skills. I remember my teachers always urging me to read and saying that reading is an effective means to improve your language skills but I never read, owing to which I have a very poor knowledge in language today. So I am prone to myriads of grammatical errors.

3. Scared of scrutiny: You know that I have neither good writing skills nor language skills. Now imagine what kind of a blogger I would become. But as I stated earlier that I have developed some kind of liking for blogging I will keep posting despite of my shortcomings. These fragile articles will be read by people all over the world, and I am scared of their eagle eyes.

However, I will not be deterred by any of the above factors because the sole purpose of venturing into blogging is to get rid of them. As I post more articles I am sure I will receive valuable comments from readers on the subject i write and language. I will respect and value all the comments and work on them.
Wish me luck!


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